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Big Buzz from Tiny Town: Aka Munchkinville

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                I first heard about Munchkinville from my brother back when I was in high school. He told me that there was a town near Rumpke Dump in Colerain where evil midgets lived. He even claimed that one chased him and his friends with a shotgun when they tried to scope it out one night.

I asked around at school and sure enough, others had heard about it, too. As it turns out, the supposed town was near the ghost of Amy on Lick Road, only a few miles apart from each other. So my friends and I decided to kill two birds with one stone one night back in high school. We did this multiple times. We never did see anyone, but then again we didn’t walk around as many people claimed to have done.

However, I do remember vividly in my mind seeing a couple tiny houses on the side of the road, one in particular was red. But as I made a new trip out there, I could not find anything! I got so frustrated with myself. I drove up and down every side road and down and back Bank Road twice.

Soon I was running out of gas and patience. With my tank and stomach both on empty, and gas selling for $2.40 a gallon, I opted to fill up the latter and ditch my search.

I found pictures online of the place, and there’s no way in hell I could have missed it if it was still there. I went in broad daylight and drove up and down every road and side road in the area. I’m convinced it has been bulldozed. That or the little people packed up and skipped town.

Of course, truth is there has never been a true Munchkinville here in Cincinnati, at least not one that holds up to the standards of the urban legend gossip.

In fact, Munchkinville is actually Handle Bar Ranch.  The late Cincinnati Post ran a story uncovering the truth about the legend years ago.  

Apparently, a couple, Anna and Percy Ritter, moved out to the 30-acre farm in Colerain Township in 1940. They lived up the side of the hill that looked down onto Handle Bar Ranch, which the two built and added their own artistic style to. One day Percy brought home some school bells and left them by the edge of the road, and with that the legend was born.

Kids would drive by at night and stop to ring the bell. When the Ritter’s would come out on their porch they looked pretty small to the kids way up the hill.

For the full Cincinnati Post story with far more details than I’m giving you, Click Here.

While many people claim to have seen crazy little people chasing them with weapons, Munchkinville has never existed in the way we have all been told.

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