About Debunking Cincinnati

Every city has its share of urban legends. But I live in Cincinnati, so I’m going to stick to the ones around here.

I was thinking back to those warm summer nights in high school when my friends and I had nothing better to do than look for trouble. With stories handed down to us, we borrowed our parents car to “go see a movie.” We drove all over the city looking for the ghost of some girl who died on her way to prom 30 years ago, either murdered by her boyfriend, killed in a horrific car accident, or other cliché of that sort.

We never found anything, but we kept going back.

I’m older and wiser now, though the  latter is debatable. I want to know more about these lame stories that were so compelling to me less than a decade ago. I’m sure none of them are legitimate; I’m not out to see if they are or not. I just want to know more about the urban legends, where they originated from, and what keeps them going strong.


One Response to “About Debunking Cincinnati”

  1. Hey Mary, came across your site, and really enjoyed it. Keep it up!!

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