Rose Hill’s Hitchhiking Ghost


Rose Hill 1Legend has it, Rose Hill Cemetery in Mason, Ohio is home to some creepy activity. What do you know? A haunted cemetery. How very original.

So I’m trying to keep an open mind about this one, but the story behind it is one that has been done over far too many times. To call it a cliché is putting it lightly.

The story goes that years ago a girl was on her way to prom but tragically did not make it. She died on Mason-Montgomery Road in front of the cemetery and still roams around looking for a ride to prom. If you pick her up, she vanishes when you go to let her out.

Well, with it being prom season and all I thought I’d take a stroll to good old Rose Hill to see what’s up. I went during the day to scope it out and get some pictures and it seemed like a peaceful, quaint lot. Nearly half the graves, if not more, were tastefully decorated with flowers and/or American flags.

But, as everyone knows, ghosts don’t come out during the day. Therefore, I went back around midnight to see if I could help the poor girl make it to her dance. To no surprise, I found nothing. Then again, who ever heard of a prom held on a Thursday night? Maybe I should have done my drive by on a Friday or Saturday.

Rose Hill 2

Because I couldn’t find anything on my own, I spoke with Rose Hill Cemetery superintendent, Brent. I was hoping he could shed some light on the origins of this story. Brent has been the superintendent at Rose Hill for 20 years now. To this day, he has never observed any ghostly activity. In fact, he has never even heard of the female ghost who walks along the cemetery perimeter trying to hitchhike her way to prom. He did, however, have a story.

 The last super intendent at Rose Hill was working in the office one afternoon when an old woman came in. She asked him if he could help her find the grave of Rebecca McClung. He proceeded to lookup the plot of the grave, but when he turned back to tell the women, she was gone.

Later on that night while he was at the Mason historical society, he saw a picture on the wall that looked eerily familiar. He asked someone who the picture was of and they answered that it was Mrs. McClung. She was murdered in 1901 by her husband, but because of his high status in the community, he got off. Shocked, he responded that the same woman had been in his office earlier that day asking for the location of her own grave.

Brent said he has heard a few other stories from other people about an old woman dressed in white wondering around the cemetery. But again, in 20 years he has never seen anything. The only proof there is to offer is hearsay, and that is not proof at all.

Spend a little time on a search engine and you’ll find that every city has a nameless girl still trying to find her way to prom years after her death. It’s folklore, passed on from generation to generation. As for Mrs. McClung, well, I don’t believe half of what I hear and I usually need to see it with my own two eyes at least twice.



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  1. — This article references a different person who is in charge at Rose Hill, or rather was at the time of this story. Odd.

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