First Up: Graveyard Ghouls

Ok, so my first couple of stories are under investigation. I’m starting off with a couple of graveyard ghosts.

First off is the ghost of Rose Hill Cemetery in Mason, Ohio. There is not much detail to this story online, but I will have enough dug up about this to post the story this weekend. I’ll even be taking a night time trip to the cemetery.

Secondly, Spring Grove Cemetery is home to multiple haunting tales. I will focus on just two on them. The lot 100 haunting and the Dexter Memorial. This should also be up by the end of the weekend or early next week.

Stay tuned!


One Response to “First Up: Graveyard Ghouls”

  1. Bill England Says:

    I’s spring! Time for anther season of “ghostHunters”, etc. etc
    It pains me to see what their flocks are swallowing instead of real true investigative work. What ever happened to scientific objectivity. These guys jump at every sound and hide behind every EMS gadget. I’m on my way to my old home town of Alton. Il. Guess what? They have one of the most haunted houses in the nation…The McPike Mansion. As a historical artist, I’ll be gathering references for making an illustration for their use in raising funds to restore this beautiful old mansion. After they get their mission complteted, the McPike will hopefully return to the glory that it was in 1860.

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